Chik Afrik || Queens of Africa

Ochi began designing at the age of 18, re-purposing fabrics, second hand clothing and 
creating her own unique style.  Once called the “queen” of leg warmers Ochi has s
teadily increased the complexity and variety of her designs. She originally began 
designing as a result of her displeasure with the fashion industry.  Even as a young 
teen Ochi felt the clothing made for women was cheaply constructed, over priced, 
designed for male pleasure, not functional in most cases and for larger women ugly,
uncomfortable and expensive.   

Ochi’s designs are meant to present women as whole people not ornaments to be 
objectified. They are created with women’s attitudes, spirituality and functionality in
mind. The garments should accentuate what is attractive, camouflage what is 
undesirable and make everyone the center of attraction. Ochi fuses jean with mud-cloth, 
leathers and lace like culinary artist combine sweet with sour she took seeks to shock 
and excite the visual taste buds. She replaces conventional buttons with various 
materials like screws and cowry shells.


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