TSU TV : Highlights Traces of Confucius Opening Day

This is a short highlight covering the opening of the "Traces of Confucius" exhibit at Texas Southern University's University Museum. The exhibit will run through February 3, 2014 and gives a glimpse of Confucius's life through a display of Chinese artifacts and photography.


  1. The “Traces of Confucius” exhibit is wonderful and its presence in the Texas Southern University Museum is testimony to the university fulfilling its duty to provide a global view of art in a small community setting. My students, English 0300 from Houston Community College, visited the exhibit on Tuesday, January 21, 2013. All students were very complimentary of what they viewed in the museum, but they were especially complimentary of Dr. John Biggers painting entitled “The Web of Life.” I have visited the museum on numerous occasions. I have visited both as an individual to view the artistic works of other cultures, special exhibits like the civil rights exhibit and to take my children, family and students on viewing trips. I personally consider the museum and the murals located in Hannah Hall to be hidden jewels in the city of Houston. Keep up the good work TSU! James H. Ford Jr.

    1. Well said! Art is an avenue to enhance the education of all students. Thank you for your continued support of the University Museum. We hope to continue raising standards and diversity in the experience of art education.


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