Writing New Voices: Homes & Histories A Documentary

Homes & Histories Documentary from Voices Breaking Boundaries on Vimeo.

This production was held on the streets of Freedmen’s Town, Houston with digital links to Lyari, Karachi (Pakistan) as well as to villages outside of Karachi. Freedmen’s Town, located just west of Houston’s downtown skyline, was founded and built by enslaved peoples immediately after Emancipation in the 1860s, while Lyari is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Karachi and home to a large Baloch community whose roots are in east Africa.


  1. Researching the project - on both sides (in Freedmen's Town and Lyari) - was a huge challenge. We're appreciative of all the people who shared their stories and the artists who worked on the project. These kinds of stories deserve to known by larger groups, so thank you for posting on The Wheel Project website!


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