Nathaniel Donnett

Title: How To Get Rich On A Shoe String Budget
   Medium: shoestrings, plastic on paper bags
    Year: 2010
Artist Statement
I am interested in the study of human behavior, its psychological and emotional impact on society and how society affects the collective and individual consciousness in general and black people in particular. My work seeks to question, explore, and expose experiences, causes, effects, and the subtle transitory elements along with those that shape them in everyday life. 

 African American culture, along with its inventiveness and improvisational approach, African sculpture, historical and current events, psychology, personal/impersonal experiences, poetry and music are points of departure used to introduce my perspectives, ideas and concerns. The subjects I wish to explore in my works don't solely comment on art formal issues unto itself but also attempts to reach into the lives of everyday people while also creating spaces for unpredictable situations and experimentation to occur, question, critique, appreciate and examine our different positions in society, past and present culture.
Title: Pre Pluribus Unum
    Medium:conte, graphite, acrylic paint, plastic on paper bags
    Year: 2012

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