Najee Art

Najee Art (aka john harris)

A self taught artist of the 21 st century who expresses a "million me`s" in portraits of thoughts, illusions, abstractions of the mind & unrestrained relationships. When one visualizes the paintings of Najee,
it is art to view from an angle of expectations of not knowing what is not next to come.
This painter recreates an adventure, bright colors, spectacular burst, erotic shapes and splatters come from the brush when Najee paints with his music in his mind released from the soul.

Unlike many painters sometimes th result from his brush becomes very mystical, demonstrating an illusion of what its like to be seen through the minds of a "million me's (like you, me or others all at one time on the canvas reaching to an unknown height of experience). You will be hearing & enjoying more abstract art from this artist as he shares his beautiful conversation peices with the world.


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