Gretchin Morris

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Gretchin Nicole Williams-Morris, an alumnus of Texas Southern University, has had a passion for art ever since she was a toddler. Watching classic cartoons from the Disney Channel, Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon, and reading children’s books helped fuel this future illustrator, art director, and producer to create her own stories with inspirations from the Bible, her grandfather, and life experiences through pictures and words. 

            To bring her stories to life, the native Houstonian uses mediums such as graphite, ink, charcoal, conte crayons, gouache, acrylic, and en-caustic paints. John Biggers, Charles White, Tom Feelings, Norman Rockwell, Italian and Harlem Renaissance have influenced her to maintain excellence in the techniques of detailing, rendering, volume, shading and denationalization

Gretchin’s work was featured in several exhibitions including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Five A Citywide Exhibition, 2001 and 2008;  Verizon Wireless National HBCU Art Exhibition in New York City, in 2003; and SHE: An All-Female Art Exhibition in 2007. Morris is currently teaching art in afterschool programs, freelancing caricatures for different venues while completing Interview with the Gerbils comic series.

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